New Show Proof Glossifier with Citronella and Coconut Oil

Show Proof glossifier for horses with Citronella and Coconut Oil We’ve reformulated our glossifier so that is performs in the way you need but still has the amazing effect which makes it the best in the market.
Where our glossifier was slow drying and sometimes seemed to never dry, it’s now faster drying and still leaves the same glossy look without being wet to touch.
Glossifier immediately after application
Glossifier after 5 minutes
We’ve changed the way it sprays as well so that it’s even quieter than it was before but so that it covers the whole coat in a light spray, avoiding the requirement to brush in, and leaving a glossy as opposed to wet look. This spray style produces much smaller droplet sizes which coat the hair more effectively, making it even better at detangling.
Glossifier Spray Styles
Glossifier droplet size
We’ve always had citronella in our product because it’s a great smell which keeps your horse at ease. But now we’ve added coconut oil, which enhances the shine of your horse but also conditions the hair.
We’re really happy with the way this product works so let us know your thoughts!


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