Our top picks of Photographers and Artists

We have recently been attending a few Christmas Fairs and it has exposed us to some fabulous artists and photographers, so we thought we’d give you a quick show of our favourites…
You never know you might find the ideal present in our list…
I came across this lady's gorgeous paintings on Instagram and I love them! In my house there may or may not be a couple of Jane's prints, and they suit our country cottage perfectly. 
Jane Davies Watercolour Hare Print - Pipkin
The pretty little Pipkin has pride of place in our sitting room, right next to a handsome Buzzard which is also a print from Jane. We love the colours in her ears and her bright eyes. 

Jane Davies Watercolour Bees Original

As soon as we saw these gorgeous original bees we were in love - they have a personal significance so that makes them all the more lovely for us. But as soon as we fell in love they were sold! 

Jane has a huge variety of prints and a selection of original works which you can buy from her website, she even does pet portraits which we know we're going to invest in one day!

Josh Harrison Photography

We met Josh at a Christmas Fair a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with his photos, mostly because each one has an amazing back story which Josh will happily tell you. 

Squirrel Photograph Reflection by Josh Harrison

Our favourite photo is by far the squirrel and its perfect reflection. They're completely adorable and we'd lobe to have this photo in our house. He also has some fabulous shots of polar bears and wolves in the arctic which we are completely in love with - and slightly envious we didn't get to see them in real life too. 

Pheasant Photograph - British Wildlife - British Birds - Photo by Josh Harrison

Of course there are other traditional British inspired prints available (the arctic isn't for everyone) like this pheasant, we think it would make the ideal gift for anyone in the gamekeeping world; who knew there were so many colours on a pheasant?!

Eleanor Tomlinson

While she might not be the talented actress from Poldark, she is instead a talented artist from Yorkshire... Whether you're looking for a portrait of your favourite horse, or just a print of a drawing of a classic shooting scene Eleanor does them all. 

Grouse Pencil Print by Eleanor Tomlinson

We bought this stunning print (as you can tell from the prescence of my hand) from a Christmas fair because it's perfect for the home of a Grouse Keeper, but who wouldn't want a print of this traditional British bird. 

Fawn Deer by Eleanor Tomlinson

This print makes us melt it is that cute, it perfectly captures the delicateness of such a young animal without detracting from its wild nature.

Polly's Dynamic Pictures

We think that a pet portrait photoshoot by Polly would make an ideal Christmas present! We love her photos - some of which are available for purchase from her website, but we'd love some of our dogs too!

White Labrador - Pet Portrait - Pollys Dynamic Photos

 This handsome chap captures the classic British Dog in a rustic setting and we're jealous because we want one like this of our spaniels!

Lab Puppy - Polly's Dynamic Photos

 Words cannot describe how cute this little lab is - it's the little forehead wrinkle that does it. Polly regularly does pet photoshoots, so if you're tempted contact her to find out when she's free.

So if you're not sure what to get someone, here are some suggestions of artists and photographers you can look into... And if you have any questions they're all lovely to talk to and super helpful!



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