Socks for the Shooting Season

Our Guide to Shooting and Walking Socks

Whether you're looking for socks as a gun or socks as a beater here is your guide!

Without a doubt our brand of socks is Bridgedale's. You cannot beat a Bridgedale sock, and once you've tried them you will wear no other socks! There are many varieties but if you're wearing boots taller than your ankles we'd recommend the Summit Sock which sits just below the knee. The main difference with the Bridgedale socks is that they are snug on your feet, they sit tight across the top of your foot and on your heel, and as a result they don't slide down your feet the further you walk. However they also don't dig in and leave indents so exactly how they remain in the same position is a mystery to us!
For everyday wear or walking, where a knee high sock is not necessary then we love the Bridgedale Trekker sock. It is super soft but remains tight on your foot throughoutBridgedale Trekker Sock the days activities. One word of advice though, avoid areas of seeded vegetiation because once the seeds are stuck to this sock, you have no hope of removing them.
Generally Bridgedales retail at about £20 per pair, however we'd argue they're worth the investment because they fit perfectly, they're super comfy and cushioned and they last much longer than many other socks.
2. Hi Tec

Hi Tec walking sockInitially we loved the Hi Tec walking socks, they're super tight and never move anywhere. However after a couple of washes they're painfully tight on our ankles. And while we accept that this is essential for stopping the socks from slipping down, it's not an issue we have with Bridgedale's. The socks also have a tendency to develop bobbles after a few weeks which we didn't find with other sock varieties.
We'll be honest and say that we only wear these when there are no clean Bridgedale's left... I suppose you can at least guaruntee they won't slide down your foot while walking, the only risk is your foot might fall off due to lack of circulation. 

Pennine Shooting SocksWe love the look of the Penine Burlington Sock, it's traditional colours and patterns appear much more lively and appealing than other sock varieties, but retailing at almost £50 you'd better be sure they're the right variety of sock for you!





We love this sock! It's by far and away our favourite sock from the House of Cheviot and at £30.00 per pair they're definitely worth the investment. A lot longer than the bridgedale they'll keep your legs warm well above the top of your welly, and with a super snug fit on the leg they don't fall down. It's a more technical sock than some of their other styles so if you're planning on doing a lot of walking they are ideal, and the best thing is they're itch free! If you're struggling to find a pair then contact the house of cheviot directly and they'll sort you out. We can't wait what they come up with next year because if it's like this it'll be perfect for outdoorsey and active people!
There's nothing worse than soggy socks when you're beating so don't forget to waterproof your boots with the Feversham Leather Care Kit!

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