Tweed Dog Beds Handmade in Yorkshire for Country Homes  - Duck Feather filled dog bed for maximum comfort and ease of washing
Large Duck Feather Dog Beds - Moss Green Herringbone and Light Blue and Grey Check
large dog bed - tweed and tartan dog beds - duck feather filled
Handmade Dog Beds - Large, Medium and Small, Tweed and Tartan Dog Beds - Cocker Spaniel Dog Bed Handmade
Dog Bed
Dog Bed
Handmade Moss Green and Light Grey Blue Check - Super Comfy Dog Beds for Country Homes
Dog Bed
Dog Bed
Dog Bed
Handmade robust dog bed available in small, medium and large
Dog Bed

Dog Bed


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Made from wool based fabrics our dog beds are filled with duck feather to give the maximum comfort, and the added practicality of being washable. A tight fabric weave helps to reduce the amount that water or dirt can work into the bedding. 

The beds feature a tweed or tartan fabric on the front and a herringbone fabric on the back.

The bedding is sewn with a triple stitch to make it extremely durable, and a heavy duty zip makes taking the inside out for washing even easier. 

Beds are approximately the follow sizes:

Small - 45 x 60cm

Medium - 60 x 75cm

Large - 75 x 100cm

We'd recommend the large beds for breeds such as greyhounds. Medium beds are ideal for breeds similar to spaniel sizes. And smaller beds are suited for smaller breeds like jack russells. 

Dog bed shown is a large and easily fits a Wheaten Terrier x Greyhound.