Partridge Print Linen - Make Up Bag - British Birds - Country Wash Bag - Handmade in Yorkshire - Make Up Bags
Partridge Washbag - Handmade in Yorkshire by Bethany Todd - Country Print Wash Bag Male Up Bag - British Bird Print
Wash Bags and Make Up Bags Lined with Internal Pocket Handmade in Yorkshire - F and B International

Partridge Wash Bag/Make-Up Bag

F&B Handmade

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This goregous print makes the most beautiful wash bags which are lined with waterproof nylon. 

Now available in two sizes. The large washbag is lined with waterproof fabric and measures 30cm x 25cm and features an internal pocket and the medium washbag measures 20cm x 15cm and is also lined with waterproof fabric.

Zip colour may vary depending on what is available at that time. Handmade in Yorkshire. 

All new stock will now feature an internal pocket.