Green and Purple Tweed and Tartan Wash Bag - Hand Made in Yorkshire - Make Up Bag - Feversham by F and B International - Handmade by Bethany Todd
Purple Tweed Wash Bag and Make Up Bag - Handmade by F&B International - Country Print Wash Bags
Fully Lined Handmade Wash Bag Make Up Bag Made In Yorkshire

Large Green and Purple Tweed Tartan Wash Bag/Make-Up Bag

F&B Handmade

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This goregous print makes the most beautiful wash bags which are lined with waterproof nylon. 

The wash bag has been made in a large size to ensure that you can fit all of your essential products, it measures 30cm wide and 25cm tall. 

Zip colour may vary depending on what is available at that time. Handmade in Yorkshire. 

All new stock will now feature an internal pocket.