Large Grouse Gamebirds Print Washbag - Handmade in Yorkshire by F and B International - lined with pocket
Hand Made Wash Bag and make Up Bag - Country Themed Luggage Accessories
Fully Lined Handmade Wash Bag Make Up Bag Made In Yorkshire

Gamebirds Wash Bag/Make-Up Bag

F&B Handmade

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This handy bag is perfect for all your travel essentials, whether it be your toothbrush or your foundation it can fit it all. With a classic print featuring British Birds, including grouse and quails, this is perfect for those who love the British outdoors.

Now available in two sizes. The large washbag is lined with waterproof fabric and measures 30cm x 25cm and features an internal pocket and the medium washbag measures 20cm x 15cm and is also lined with waterproof fabric.

Handmade in Yorkshire.