Pastel Pink Bunting Featuring dots, stripes and flowers 10 triangles on a 3m length - handmade in yorkshire by F&B - Bunting for birthdays, christenings, weddings and summer celebrations
Pink Bunting

Pink Bunting


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This gorgeous pink bunting features floral, stripes and dot print fabrics all in various shades of pastel pink and joined together with pink binding. 

Available in a 3m length, if you would like a longer length please contact us. Each 3m section of bunting features 10 individual triangles which are double sided and sewn together, and are approximately 15cm in height. There is 40cm of additional binding at either end of the bunting to ensure that you have enough room to attach it correctly.

This bunting is handmade in Yorkshire and has been crafted so that you can use it time and again. Perfect for birthdays, christening's and weddings or simple as home and nursery decorations.